Edexcel Music Keywords - AOS1,AOS2

These are the impotant keyowords to be familiar with in area of study 1 and 2

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Keywords ­ AOS 1 and 2
Da Capo al fine ­ Marking on the score to show you repeat a section from Da Capo and end at the
Oratorio ­ Large-scale musical work based on texts from the Bible.
Ternary ­ musical structure made up of 3 parts ­ ABA.
Ritornello ­ The Baroque version of Rondo Form.
Episode ­ Contrasting music section.
Tutti ­ Italian for `all' ­ everyone plays.
Cadence ­ two chords at the end of a musical phrase.
Figured Bass ­ a numbered bass part popular in the Baroque period.
Classical and Romantic
Concerto ­ A piece for solo instrument and orchestra.
Motif ­ a short melodic or rhythmic phrase.
Scherzo and Trio ­ A ternary structure (ABA) with a lively scherzo and a contrasting trio
Diatonic ­ notes in a key.
Tonic ­ the first note of the scale.
Subdominant ­ the 4th note of a scale.
Dominant ­ The 5th note of a scale.
Overture ­ An opening instrumental piece played before an opera or musical.
Variations - A musical form in which one or more of its original elements have been changed
(pitch, rhythm, key etc).
Theme and Variations ­ The them is played and the variations changed each time they are
Arpeggio ­ 3 notes of a chord played separately.
Triad ­ 3 notes that make a chord.
Ground Bass (Basso Ostinato) - Composition of a series of variations over the top of a repeating
pattern (ostinato) of bass notes.

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More complex as it builds up.
Episode - Contrasting music section in Rondo Form.
Rondo Form - A form where section A keeps returning with episodes in between. ABACADAE
Symphony ­ Large-scale genre for orchestra in 3 or 4 movements.
Sonata Form ­ A form/structure with 3 sections ­ exposition, development and recapitulation.
Minuet and Trio ­ ternary form structure in classical music. Minuet = stately dance in triple
time and Trio is contrasting.
Programme music ­ Music that tells a story.…read more

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Atonal ­ music that is not in a key.
Verticalisation ­ making a chord from a prime order.
Semitone ­ half a note.
Tone ­ A whole note.
Enharmonic ­ Different ways of `spelling' the same pitch. E.g. Bb = A.
Graphic Score ­ presentation of music through pictures and graphics.
Amplifier Converts voltages into audible sounds.…read more

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Tape loop Section of a magnetic tape fixed end to end so the same
music can be repeated indefinitely. This is now done using
a sequencer.
Tape recorder Means of recording and storing sound.
Sequencer Something you can record into, edit and playback sound in.
An example of this is Logic.
Synthesizer Something that imitates sound, for example a keyboard.
Analogue Synth This has lots of buttons and sliders that help to alter and
manipulate the sound.…read more


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