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Keywords ­ AOS 1 and 2

Da Capo al fine ­ Marking on the score to show you repeat a section from Da Capo and end at the

Oratorio ­ Large-scale musical work based on texts from the Bible.

Ternary ­ musical structure made up of 3 parts…

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More complex as it builds up.

Episode - Contrasting music section in Rondo Form.

Rondo Form - A form where section A keeps returning with episodes in between. ABACADAE

Symphony ­ Large-scale genre for orchestra in 3 or 4 movements.

Sonata Form ­ A form/structure with 3 sections ­ exposition,…

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Atonal ­ music that is not in a key.

Verticalisation ­ making a chord from a prime order.

Semitone ­ half a note.

Tone ­ A whole note.

Enharmonic ­ Different ways of `spelling' the same pitch. E.g. Bb = A.

Graphic Score ­ presentation of music through pictures and…

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Tape loop Section of a magnetic tape fixed end to end so the same
music can be repeated indefinitely. This is now done using
a sequencer.

Tape recorder Means of recording and storing sound.

Sequencer Something you can record into, edit and playback sound in.
An example of this is…


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