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Topic 1 : Climate Change

Past Climate changes (large-scale)

The Little Ice Age

Happened between the mid 15th century and the mid 19th century.
Described as a glacial (a period of time with extremely cold weather)
Villages in valleys were destroyed due to glaciers growing in them. (IMPACT)
Wheats and…

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Earths temperature
reduced by 0.5°C.
Reduced global sunlight by

How did the dinosaurs go extinct


Why did they go

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Climate Change in the UK

Summer in the South East will be hotter and drier (leading to drought) than the rest of
UK will be hotter in summer and wetter in winter.
By the middle of the century rainfall in the South of England could decrease by 20%

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Reasons for uncertainty regarding global warming

1. Future populations number is unknown, could increase or decrease dramatically.
2. Whether or not we are still using fossil fuels or are using renewable energy, e.g. will we have
made the switched coal for wind power?
3. Whether or not we recycle more,…

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2005 Stern Review: UK

Spend now or pay later.
Spend 2% of our GDP now to reduce global warming or spend 20% of our GDP later as a
result of global warming.

1997 Kyoto Protocol: International

An international agreement to reduce greenhouse gases to prevent climate change.
America is the…


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