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What is the Impact of new job
opportunities in MDEC'S?
Consider one names town/city
in an MEDC
(Out of town retail ­Kiln NEWCASTLE-ON-
Lane versus new CBD
TYNE- Out of town
developments ­Oracle
Centre) retail…read more

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Reading has expanded to
become one of the UK's
Reading's employment
Reading is at the most desirable locations
structure changed from
heart of the for business and one of
transnational manufacturing ­
Thames Valley the top retail centres in
Beer and Biscuits to high tech
close to the M4 the UK!
industries like :British Gas
motorway in (HQ) , Microsoft (HQ)- 1100
South East employed Royal Mail,
England, it is READIN Reading Borough Council
close to London G employs 5500.
and Heathrow
Tertiary -58%
Reading Railway Station ­ (Jobs providing a service :Teacher,
This is the second busiest librarian, waiter, or Supermarket worker)
railways outside London , and Quaternary -31.7%
offers direct access to 260towns (Jobs which provide information: IT
and cities London Paddington is consultant, and Market researcher)
only 25mins away and there are Secondary:10.3%
up to 8 trains an hour at perk (Jobs in Manufacturing or making: Builders,
times. carpenters, and potters)…read more

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9) Brunel Retail Park
and Reading Link Retail 1) Broad Street, TOWN 3) Thames Valley
Park CENTRE Business Park
Offering nearly 20,000 sq It was pedestrianised 1993
This 7.7Million sq ft park
ft of retail space, many and has recently seen a
large number of pubs and had the UK HQ of
large stores have located
bars open on near by Friar Microsoft, Oracle and
her including Sainsbury's
street. British Gas
2) Green located
Park here.
Halfords, Curry's and PC
World. Estate
8) Madejski Stadium A new 2.25million sq ft
The new home of READING (80 ha) business park near
Reading Football Club Junction 11 of the M4
was opened in providing state of the art
September 1998. This office space for
site also includes a retail 7000people. The aim is to
park, conference centre provide a comfortable
and luxury hotel. workplace set in a
7) A33 Relif Road 4)Oracle Centre -
landscaped £250 million,
Opened in June 1999 the 700,000 sq ft shopping and
6) Reading International leisure complex on the River
road has improved acess
Business Park Kennet opened in Sept 1999.
to Reading Town centre
MIC World Com here taken Including 2 major dept stores
from J11 on the M4 and
on this 36,700 sq ft site and 90 retail units , as well as
offers good transport
close to the Green Park a multiplex cinemas and
links to a collection of
Business estate. riverside restaurants and cafe'
business and retail parks.…read more

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1) Out of town 2) New large urban 3)Out of town
location avoids areas for towns and location Rent rates
opposition from workforce. are lower allowing for
CBD shop owners. floor space
affecting 4) Plenty of
out of space for
town further
shopping expansion
5)Large single story 7) Main Road for
6) Ample car
building, building often easy access ideally
parking , and it is
over 6000m linked to a
free car parking.
motorway.…read more

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The Bid Rent theory ­ Explains
how land values change as
you move away from the city
centre (CBD). Functions like
offices, retail units can afford
the high rents, but also require
the greatest accessibility to the
CBD, so will not want to locate
too far from the CBD. Industry
needs less accessibility, but
large areas of land, so locate
further away from the CBD.
Land on the outskirts is cheaper Out of town shopping became
so have more residential uses. popular as town centre became
However many functions are BID RENT too cramp and crowded!
locating on the edge of town as THEORY! High traffic, small and
the centre becomes expensive car parks.
congested!! Outskirts land was cheaper so the
supermarket was:
In Reading- Safeway was one of the first
hypermarkets to locate out of town at Rose Kiln ·Near lots of people
Lane next to the A33 and suburban housing. ·Free car parks
The site has expanded to include PC World, ·Near motorway for
Curry's and Halfords. The shops are spacious , accessibility
have large free car parks , and landscaping. ·Could attract passing…read more

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CENTRE! The Oracle Centre ­ Reading The 22 acre site
Town Centre adjacent to the River
It was completed in 1999 at a Derwent, the centre
cost of £250 million. In 2000 it increase the towns
was (Reading) the best retail capacity by1/3 a
With special facilities from total floor space of
parents ­ Crèche to shopping area in the UK!
700,000 sq ft.
Disabled toilets and lifts,
this making it user friendly
for all , and accessible.
The Oracle centre has
It has 90 retail unit over 3
allowed improvement to
floors with main shops:
the surrounding areas
House of Fraser and
which were left when
The building itself is Debenhams.
retail was lost to out of
modern and eye The Warner multiplex cinema
town centres.
catching which will make attracts people, as well as its
Friar and Broad Streets
it stand out in Reading 28 restaurants, bars and
are now popular in
Town centre. It hold the cafe's. Over 3500 jobs for the
making it attractive for
4 major stores in the UK, centre, with two large car
people to visit their town
which is unique except park providing space for 2300
centre for a variety of
form Oxford street! cars!
service not just shops!…read more

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