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(A) - SETTLEMENT Consider waste
Can urban and traffic
areas be management in
made more a named town
sustainable? or city
How is rapid
effecting a
named LEDC?
(Brownfield and
Greenfield LONDON
developments) (Traffic and Waste)
BRAZIL…read more

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rail network before then it went but now
Ashford has: 1) M20 with FAST links to
LONDON and Folkestone.2) Channel Tunnel
`N.I.M.B.Y.ism' ­`NOT IN
with Ashford Int stn for Eurostar. Being 2
MY BACK YARD' ­ is a
Hours from Paris, and 1 hour from London,
group with protests
it has been chosen for growth with aSustainable development is the
against all developments.
proposed increase by 3X to 150,000! effects of the new housing on
They do not want
existing or future housing. This
development which will Can urban areas be can be helped by using
bring extra; people, cars, made more
sustainable? `BROWNFIELD' sites ­ Land
pollution & flooding
ASHFORD, KENT already used previously rather
Greenfield -GOOD: Quality of life, than' GREENFIELD' sites. Also
Cheaper to develop (compared to Open areas are good too!
Brownfield ­They seem good the sites
Brn), & Space for extras like local hall,
could : Be CONTAMINATED ­Industrial
shops, park ­open space ect. BAD :
which is expensive to clean up, have poor
Less open spaces, more need for
access ­cars, lorry's, not where people
roads, cycle lanes, and paths, because
wan to live, finally Ashford does not have
these sites are away from main town
many Brn sites because it is has not been
centre, so new Southern Orbital Road…read more

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Location: South America, South East Brazil.
Sao Paulo (area) grew for the first time due to the coffee growing lands,
but the C 19th brought a new train line over the Serra Do Mer, which
gave a huge amount of immigrants to city's like San Paulo (580,000 by
Rapid Urbanisation effects:
A residential area of 60 or Inadequate transport
more families in housing system to move congestion,
How is rapid severe lack of open spaces,
that lacks basic services ­
growth increased air and solid
no running water, sewage waste pollution, inadequate
effecting a
disposal or electricity and named LEDC? services: sanitations, water,
refuse schools. Shortage of
where the people have no SAO PAULO,
land; so high prices in CBD,
legal right to the land on BRAZIL Inadequate housing, and
which they live! high crime rates!
So why have towns and cities grown so rapidly in LEDC'S?
- Modernisation of agricultural means fewer rural workers are needed.
- General rapid population growth due to high natural increase.
- Decline of traditional rural industries e.g. cloth and metal working due to cheap imports from MEDC'S.…read more

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City attracts people like a
Better Housing, schools,&
-DROUGHT -Farming Machines
-Large families with makes
not enough land for UNEMPLOYMENT
each heir -PESTS eat crops and
-Poor seeds, poor cause ill health
tools, little fertiliser, -Overgrazing by
low output; animals, Soil Erosion
Higher Salaries
Jobs in industry
More reliable food sources…read more

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Location: 25km PERDO SOBRE PEDRA ­
south of City Centre An improved favela
1st Improvements ­
The initial upgrading
of the sanitation and
water was by the
Further Improvements ­
Petitioning the electricity
company for better supplies
Community project to bring
water into homes for a small
Paved alleyways
Roads Widened Scheme - Raise tax on rich to pay for poor housing
improvements Bad: Unfair on rich and will take
Rain water channelled in to
some time. Good: Not money directly from
drains Government. Petitions could speed up process!
Future postal deliveries to be…read more

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PROBLEMS cause by
1.Bus lanes
1.Peak hour congestion
2.Park and ride
2.Increased costs of LONDON 3.Tidal flow
energy consumption (Traffic and Waste) 4.Rapid transit links ­
3.Less funds for public
5.More mulitbay
4.Higher costs for road
repairs LONDON CONGESTION CHARGE 6.Urban freeways
5.More accidents
Origins: Started in Feb 2003 ­covering 7.Traffic free central
6.Parking problems
Westminster+ City, extended west to zones
7.Visual pollution
8.One way systems
8.Noise pollution Kensington and Chelsea in Feb 2007 9.Ring roads
9.Air pollution
Objectives: Tor release congestion in city 10.Congestion charging
centre 11.Improved public
Cost: Started £5/day then in Feb 2007 -£8/day
Hours: 07.00-18.00 Mon-Fri
Exceptions (90% discounted): Electric vehicles
and motorcycles, 9+ seat vehicles, blue badge
holders and vehicle recovery.…read more

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