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Topic 2: Consuming
By Shruti Satish…read more

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I can classify different resources as renewable, non
renewable and sustainable
Renewable Non renewable Sustainable
· Biomass · Fossil fuel · A sustainable
· Water · Radioactive fuel resource is one that
· Renewable sources · Oil, natural gas, meets the needs of
of energy minerals taken from people now without
· Wind is a sustainable the earth do not preventing future
resource as the wind regenerate and are generations meeting
is not "used" up and non-sustainable. their needs.
it is renewable. · These are things like · Bio fuels and
· These are infinite coal which are finite hydrogen powered
resources which will and once used up vehicles are
never run out and cannot be replaced examples.
can be used over and
over again…read more

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I can explain why resources are being over exploited
More people mean that there are more
Food security: is the ability to demands. Global population growth means
obtain sufficient food on a day that there are more people to feed but
to day basis. globally there is a world shortage of wheat,
Food insecurity: is when it is rising milk and rice prices and many
difficult to obtain sufficient droughts. This means that people over
food and this can range from exploit the resources more than the Earth
hunger through to full scale
can provide at a time in order to keep up
with the worlds rising population.
A resource: is a naturally
occurring which can be used
just like that or made into
something else.…read more

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I can discuss problems caused by over exploitation
of resources
It can lead to the
destruction of the
resource ! For example Overexploitation of a
over fishing could mean water resource like an
an extinction in the aquifer (being extracted
species! at a rate which exceeds
the recharge rate) means
that it can become
depleted and polluted or
permanently damaged!
threatens global
biodiversity! It has the It means that it is
potential to degrade used
ecosystems and increase unsustainably
the loss of biodiversity! and there wont
be any for the
future!…read more

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I can explain the theories of Malthus and Boserup
Thomas Malthus believed that
population grew exponentially and
doubled at each stage but that food
production grew arithmetically and
this meant that population would
eventually outstrip food supply.
Esther Boserup argued that food
production does not limit or control
population growth but instead that it
controlled farming methods . She used
the term agricultural intensification to
explain ho farmers can grow more food
from the same piece of land using better
farming techniques n order to keep up
with the rising population instead of
people giving into famine and disease.…read more

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I can explain the natural checks that limit population
growth including examples
Malthus suggested that a decrease in
population through starvation, war,
disease and morality were all natural
checks. According to Malthus,
whenever population outstripped
resource supply, `natural checks'
would come in and the population
would be reduced to a more
manageable level and then continue
to grow again until the next natural
check.…read more

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