Edexcel GCSE RE- Paper J5 1.5 A place of Christian Worship

This is for Edexcel GCSE Re- Catholic Christianity, it covers Unit J5 1.5 A place of Christian Worship. For Paper J.

Hope You find this helpful for your GCSE RE exam.

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Unit J5.1 A place of
Christian worship…read more

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1.1 ­ Architectural features of a Church
1.2- Role and function of Parish priest
1.3- Role and function of a church in a parish
1.4- reasons for differences in places of
Christian worship
1.5- Reasons for different forms of Christian
worship…read more

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1.1- Architectural features of a
Catholic Church
Shape of the Church:
Usually built in the shape of a cross- Jesus
sacrificed for the sins of the world on a cross
Usually face the east- Jesus rose from the dead
to bring new life, the resurrection.…read more

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1.1 Inside features of church
Inside features of a Church:
Altar- table where priest celebrates mass.
Usually has crucifix and candles. Its in the
centre because symbol of Christ's offering
himself as a sacrifice to God. Its where
Transubstantiation takes place.
Tabernacle- Found in the sanctuary, where the
consecrated hosts are left after mass. It has a
place of honour near the altar because of the
Catholic belief that Jesus is really present in
Blessed Sacrament which is left for the sick,
who cannot come to mass.…read more

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1.1 Church features continued
Font- This is where babies are usually baptised
and is normally found near the sanctuary. In
some older churches however it could be near
the entrance. The fond shows Catholics that
baptism is the first sacrament that forgives
Catholics for their sins and makes a person a
member of the Church.
Lectern- This is where the readers stand to
read from the bible. It shows the Catholic
belief that faith is true to come from the bible
and the teachings of the Church (homily)…read more

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1.2 ­Role+ function of parish Priest
Main functions:
Administer the sacraments of baptism,
marriage, and reconciliation.
Represent Christ in mass and consecrate the
bread+ wine in the Eucharist, changing
subtance to body and blood of Jesus.
Prepare parents for baptism of their children
Prepare candidates for confirmation
Prepare couples for marriage
Conduct funerals…read more

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