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1999 Moby
`Why does my heart feel so bad' from
Style and period Club Dance music:
Extensive use of samples and loops
Layering textures
Links to the club scene

Real name: Richard Melville Hall
Other Moby songs from play:
Natural Blues

Melody Vocal samples (male and female)…

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A3 Percussion Sampled Hip-hop breakbeat and

A4 Bass and string synthesiser

A5 Syncopated piano chords

Chorus 1 Bx1 Female singer

By1 New chord sequence Added echo canons and shouts

Verse 2 A6 Male singer and second vocal line Q&A vocal line, Heavy EQ and Delay

A7 A6 repeated


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Sampler Use of a filter to treat `answer' vocal
Drum machine sample.
Reverb Machine Use of drum machine and sequencer.
Echo is used on vocal sample ( A6)
Sub-bass- a type of bass which is felt
Electronic effects:
more than heard
EQ (boosting or lessening certain frequencies)
Looping Samples…


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