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1958 Bernstein `Something's Coming'
West side story
Style and period Musical theatre
The piece has been influenced by Jazz

Different forms of a musical:
Vaudeville and burlesque
Opera-bouffe and operetta

Music theatre in the 20th century:
Broadway musicals
West end musicals
Rock operas

Vocal forms used in…

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Dynamics Varied and extreme dynamics
From ppp to ff
The pp at the start creates tension ­ gives it a
breathless agitated feel.

Ad lib fade at the end taking us into the music
for a change of scene

As Tony builds up his confidence there is a
crescendo to…

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Section B1- same as B but without
repeated section
Section A1- provides sense of return and
Outro- 1 bar repeated pattern with ad lib.
Leading into a scene change.

Tonality Key= D major

Key change to C major at bar 32, a bitonal
effect is achieved, he uses F#'s…

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Melody and accompaniment with mainly
chordal texture in the accompanying orchestral


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