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Written in 1987
· Section A in E minor
· Section B in C minor
· Section A2 in E minor
Electric Counterpoint
By Steve Reich…read more

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Notes…read more

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Key words
Metamorphosis ­ gradual change
Augmentation/Diminution ­ increase/decrease the length of a pattern
Interlocking phrases ­ different repeated phrases fits together creating an
interesting texture
Resultant melody ­ the melody which stands out from the rest
Cell ­ a very short musical idea
Looping ­ an electronic repeated sample…read more

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Layering ­ adding new musical parts, forming a complex texture
Note addition/subtraction ­ adding/subtracting notes
Phase shifting/phasing ­ musical phrases played at a different speed
Drone ­ long continuous note
Polyrhythmic texture ­ texture made of many rhythms
Ostinato ­ repeated pattern
P.S. Try writing the words and definitions on pieces of cards, then match them
up…read more

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Developed in the 1960s/70s
Made of constantly repeating patterns called loops.
Harmonies and rhythms take a long time to change
You have to look closely to see the minor changes in the music
Cells can be used instead of bars. The performer can decide how many times to
play a cell.
Reduced style. E.g. little dynamic contrast, constant tempo
Use multi-track recording to layer sounds
Composers also used sample sounds
Doesn't have to have a key/time signature
Some example pieces:…read more

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Steve Reich
Born in New York in1936
Started playing the piano and drum since 14
His music is influenced by Jazz, Gamelan and African music.
He likes tonal music (music composed within a key)
Related composers: Terry Riley, La Monte Young, Phillip Glass, Michael
Nyman.…read more

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