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1959 Davis
`All Blues' from Kind of Blue
Style and period Jazz ­ Modal jazz(uses modal scales rather than
pre-determined chords)
Used for listening to rather than dancing and
often has no words.

The album was recorded in 1959 in New York
in a 3 hour recording session. The newly…

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Dynamics Piece is generally quite restrained and mostly
mf apart from some louder trumpet parts.
The rhythm section constantly plays more
quietly than the solo instrument.
The instruments fade out in the Coda.

Tempo 156 crochets per minute
However, the piece feels like it is split into two
dotted crotchets…

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Coltrane(T.Sax)-48 bars- Less vibrato
Evans(Piano)- 24 bars

Head 3- muted trumpet
Head 4- muted trumpet

Outro (Coda) - Muted trumpet, Gradual fade
towards the end...

Tonality In G major but with all the F Naturals it is Modal

Uses the blues scale
Harmony The piano…

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Julian Adderley: alto sax- focuses on the The rhythm section plays the chords.
higher register and plays fast scalic passages
and arpeggios. Davis uses mute and ghost notes to make his
solo more interesting.
John Coltrane: tenor sax- uses wider range
when playing with arpeggios and fast scales Pizzicato(plucked) ­…


Samuel Richardson


Excellent detailed notes on 'All Blues' by Miles Davis in a nice table here. Try printing off and covering up sections of the table to make sure you can remember the points you need to make. 

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