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2012 January
2012 June
2013 January
Evaluate the macroeconomic effects of the UK government trying to reduce its
budget deficit, assuming economic growth remains week
Other than investing in education, evaluate policies a government can implement
to raise living standards
2013 June
Using the information provided and your own knowledge, assess the use of supply
side policies, including a reduction in corporation tax, as a means of increasing UK
economic growth…read more

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To what extent is the policy of reducing the `fiscal (budget) deficit' (Extract 2, line 7)
helping the government to achieve its macroeconomic objectives?
High inflation means UK goods and services are more expensive than before.
Therefore, demand for UK goods and services will decrease. Consequently, firms will
face lower sales and therefore lower profits. As a result, UK firms may decide to
save costs by making staff redundant, as demand for labour is derived demeand.…read more


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