edexcel C2 bonds and groups in periodic table

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Bonding summary
Type of bond Ionic Simple covalent Giant covalent Metallic
How the Ions formed Shared pair of Shared pair of Formed
bond is between a electrons between electrons between between
formed metal and a non-metals non-metals forming a metals. Has a
non-metal giant structure 'sea' of
Example Sodium chloride Bromine, water Diamond Copper
Melting and High Low High Usually high -
boiling points except mercury
Solubility Many dissolve Some dissolve Insoluble Insoluble
Conductivity Conducts as a Do not conduct Most do not conduct Conducts as a
of electricity liquid or in except graphite and solid or a liquid
solution. Does buckminster- fullerene
not conduct as
a solid

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Group 1 - alkali Transition metals Group 7 - halogens Group 0 ­ noble gases
Metal or non-metal metal metal Non-metal Non -metal
Trend in reactivity Increase as you No trend Decrease as you No trend
go down the go down
properties Soft, produce Form coloured Colours ­ get darker Inert, colourless,
alkaline solution compounds, as you go down, non-flammable, stable,
malleable, diatomic, different monatomic
conductive states at room
densities Low ­ increases high Unknown Low ­ increase as you
as you go…read more


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