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Keywords: Biomass, pyramid of numbers, pyramid of biomass, pyramid of energy transfer The Carbon Cycle
Carbon Cycle
Explain how each of the following are involved
in the carbon cycle.
Water cycle
Why is water important for life on earth? Food chain
Draw a food chain for this pyramid of number Pyramids of Biomass
Explain how the water cycle works? Show amount of material
at each stage
Label each trophic level
1. Blackbirds
3. Caterpillars
4. Oak tree
Nitrogen cycle Why is nitrogen important in
living organisms? Pyramids of numbers show the number of organisms at each level not always a pyramid shape
Explain the roles of each of the following in the nitrogen cycle Always a pyramid shape
Nitrifying bacteria
-some is used for
respiration to
Nitrogen fixing bacteria move/grow
-some is lost as heat
Denitrifying bacteria -some material is not
-some is lost as faeces,
Keywords: Ecosystem, population, community, habitat, quadrats, producer, consumer, decomposer, food chains, food webs,…read more

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