Edexcel B Unit 1 :Dynamic Planet (Topic 3 Battle For The Biosphere Revision Guide Power Points))

These are the revision powerpoints that I did for my revision notes, and I am putting them up as they are everything you need to know for the dynamic planet exam this monday. This powerpoint is just for the first topic which is battle for the bioshphere which is one of the compulsory ones, i have put up two other topics already and so yeah i will be putting up the other powerpoints soon :)

BTW these powerpoints are copy right me but all the images like belong to different people and i am just going to say that they are copy right google images as i dont know where each one is individually from so whatever. carry on stop wasting time reading the description and GET REVISING!! ----->

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Topic 3
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A biome is a very large
eco-system and the main
biomes are tropical
biomes, temperate
grassland biomes, and
desert & ice biomes.
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According to the map on the left.
The tropical rainforest biome tends to be
near the equator between the tropics.
The desert biomes also tend to be near
the equator. The temperate grassland
biomes seem to be near the tropic of
Make sure you know how to read such
a map
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In the tropics the suns rays are concentrated over a small area meaning plants grow
well. This is why vegetation is so dense near the equator. In polar areas the suns rays
are less intense meaning that the vegetation growth is also restricted in these areas.
Precipitation takes place in low pressure belts rather than in high pressure belts. Near
the equator and between the tropics you get lower pressure zones meaning that you
got more rainfall (precipitation) and in turn more growth and dense vegetation.
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The higher the altitude the smaller the temperature (as you are getting further away
from the Earth's heat) and this stunts the plant growth. This is a local factor because
though an area may be very close to the equator, if it's at a very high altitude you may
not get the dense vegetation expected and you may actually get colder climate.
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Mr A Gibson


Some really good slides in this presentation about Biospheres. Assessment criteria form the slide titles which makes it nice and clear to see what you are working on.






thanks you! this helped me so much for my geography exam today

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