Edexcel B Unit 1 :Dynamic Planet (River Processes and Pressures Revision Guide Power Points)

These are the revision powerpoints that I did for my revision notes, and I am putting them up as they are everything you need to know for the dynamic planet exam this monday. This powerpoint is just for the one of the topics which is river processes which is not one of the compulsory ones, i have put up four other topics already and so yeah i will be putting up the other powerpoints soon:)

BTW these powerpoints are copy right me but all the images like belong to different people and i am just going to say that they are copy right google images as i dont know where each one is individually from so whatever. carry on stop wasting time reading the description and GET REVISING!! ----->

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S Satish…read more

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River Basin is the area of land
drained by a river and its
Tributaries are small river that
join the main river channel.
The greater the number of
tributaries the denser the river
The point at which two rivers
meet is known as the confluence.
The watershed is the boundary
between two drainage basins.
The source is where it starts its
The mouth is where it reaches
the end of its journey.…read more

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The upper course of the river
has V-shaped valleys, this is
because vertical erosion (erosion
downwards) takes place here.
Vertical erosion deepens the river
channel as gravity pulls the water
Lateral (sideways erosion) takes
place in the middle and lower
course of the river and this
widens the river channel (flood
plain)…read more

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Erosion is the wearing away of the river bed, the
river banks and the particles being carried away by
the river.…read more

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Rivers use their energy to transport material.…read more

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Its not perfect but it does the job for securing the material in your head the morning of the exam.

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