Edexcel B Unit 1 :Dynamic Planet (Oceans on the Edge Revision Guide Power Points)

These are the revision powerpoints that I did for my revision notes, and I am putting them up as they are everything you need to know for the dynamic planet exam this monday. This powerpoint is just for the one of the topics which is oceans on the edge which is not one of the compulsory ones, i have put up some other topics already and this is the last one I am putting up for geography revision guide series :)

BTW these powerpoints are copy right me but all the images like belong to different people and i am just going to say that they are copy right google images as i dont know where each one is individually from so whatever. carry on stop wasting time reading the description and GET REVISING!! ----->

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By Shruti Satish
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eb h a s primary
m a r in e food w d u c e rs and
The e p r o
u m e r s w h ich eat th t h e p rimary
cons m ers who e a t
a r y c o n s u r y and
second then t h e t e r t ia
cons u m e r s a n d
o e a t t h e m . When
s umers wh
quate r n a r y c o n
p r o d u c e r s die the
c o n s u m e rs and t o n utrients
the d o w n
p o s e rs b r e ak them p r o d ucers
decom y t h e
n t h e y g e t used up b
and the
E.G. Tiger sharks would eat a yellow mullet which would eat a crab
that would eat a ea urchin which would eat algae.
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ex p l o it f o r fish, to
n s u s e c o r a l reefs to t r a d e , for
H u m a r iu m
s h o r e lin e s , for aqua arch, for
protect a n d r e s e
is m , f o r e ducation u r c e o f lime
tour a s o
e s , f o r je w ellery and ple in St
medicin s f or e x a m
ce m e n t . T his happen
fo r
u cia , In d o n esia etc.
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Global Warmin
g will lead to
stress where coral
the coral turn
and gets ble s white
ached. Also
some consum because
ers will be red
numbers due uced in
to not being
survive the he able to
at, other spec
thrive which e ies may
at coral so th
disrupt the cor is may
al reef eco-sys
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like it helps alot

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