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Token Economy: a treatment based upon the principles of Operant Conditioning

How' Token Economy' came to be

- The very first development of token economy was conceived by Ayllon and Haughton (A& H) in 1962 at
Anne State Hospital, Illinois; later refined by Ayllon and Azrin (A & A) in…

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E.g. in a prison setting

Prisoner has no tokens and no access to any privileges Display desired behaviour (not getting into fights)
receive token for desired behaviour exchange for some television time.

The cycle then repeats itself so that the person in question can gain more tokens and earn their…

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Token economies are usually used in closed institutions such as prisons and so their results
cannot be generalised to wider society as such desirable behaviours may not be immediately
rewarded when the offender is released and so the offender may not be encouraged to act
in a…


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