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Constitution-S eto fr ulest oe stablishp owersa ndf unctions
ofi nstitutionso fg vt­s pecificallye xec,l eg,j udic­
secondf unctiont od efiner elationshipb etweeni ndividuala nd
state­e xtento fl iberty­c odified( USAw herec onb ecomes
sovereign)a ndu ncodified( UKw iths overeigntye lsewhere)­
federal( UK)a ndu nitary( USA)

Codifiedconstitution­o ftenr esulto…

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Sourcesoft heU Kc onstitution
1.Statutel aw­f ormal,w ritten,m adeb yp arl­o nlyo fc on
significancei fa ffectg vtp owerso rc itizenr ights­1 998
ScotlandA ct,H umanR ightsA ct­m osti mportants ourced ue
top rincipleo fp arls ov­s tatutel aww illa lwaysp revail
overo thers ources
2.Conventions­u nwritten,l ackd efinitionc…

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Parliamentisn'ts tills overeign
1.Devolution­p owerf ragmentation­r egiona utonomy­t akes
powerf romp arl­p arlh asn or ightt oi ntervenei n
devolvedi ssuesl ikeh ealth,e du­U Ks aidt ob e
quasi-federal­c ant echnicallya bolishd evb utd on'th ave
politicala utho rd eml egitd uet op opulars ovo fd ev­
alsoa greementt hatS…

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Strengthsoft heU Kc onstitution
1.Flexibility­n os pecialp rocesst oa mend­U SAg un
ownership­U Kc onc ans tayu pt od ate­r espondt o
changings ocialc ircumstances­d evr espondedt or ising
nationalismi nW alesa ndS cotland­f lexibilityi sa
specifics trengthf orc hangingp owerb alancei ng vt
institutions­l esse ffectivei nr ightsp rotection…

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cona uth­s omer eformst oh elpl iked eva ndc oalition
reducesP Md om­b utg vtc ant echnicallya bolishd ev
3.Weakr ightsp rotection­n othinge xcepte lectionst of orce
gvtt or espectc ivill ibs­e vens oe lectionse mpower
majoritiesn otm inorities­w orseb yu nwillingnesst o
writed ownr ightsl ikei nG ermanB asicR…

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2.Piecemealr eforms­s olutionst oi ndividualp roblems­n o
greaterp lan­L or dsandd evl inkf ord evn ationst o
receiver epi n2 c hambernote xamined­r eforml acked
goalc larity
3.Didn otg ett or oo tofd eeperp roblems­d idn'ta ddress
thingsl ikee lecti vedictatorship­d istant,u ncommitted­
showedu nwillingne sstog iveu pp ower­d…

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sov­d evinE nglandw ouldb eu ndema sr eferendumw as
defeated­P Ra lreadyf acilitatedm orer epf orm inorities
­m ayr ef­b utn os igno fP Ri nf uture


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