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Topic 4.3.1
Corporate Objectives & Strategy…read more

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Chapter 1
Corporate Objectives…read more

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Corporate mission
· Corporate Mission is a passionate statement of a businesses purpose and
values. These can be written as a mission statement which is a communication
tool to give a clear message to stakeholders and staff.
Increasing Detail
Aims & Goals
SmartArt Adapted from tutor2u…read more

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Mission ­ "We're on a Case study:
mission to TalkTalk
make Britain better off and we believe that
our people and our products make our communities a better place for
· Vision ­ "TalkTalk is all about giving customers consistently the best value for
money experience in the market, and we have reinforced this commitment
through product innovation and competitive pricing"
· Objectives ­ "Our Objectives revolve around 5 main principles:
· Integration of customers gained through acquisition
· Improving our operating efficiency and effectiveness
· Delivering value for money quad play services
· Growing our range of data services for businesses
Information adapted from www.talktalkgroup.com & www.careers.talktalk.co.uk © TM TalkTalk Group PLC…read more

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Chapter 2
Stakeholder Influences on Corporate Objectives…read more

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When do you think this will be complete? Thanks hahaha :)


Hi i'm doing small chunks each day, sorry its so close to the exam. Please come back each day and re-download. Good Luck!


Oh thanks haha! I only just noticed you replied, this has been very helpful sorry if i came across as nagging :)

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