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The place I want my new biome to be is preferably a place
where there is a lot of space, while construction is being done on
this biome, it must not obstruct the other biomes which means
people can continue to visit the Eden Project and the Eden
Project can continue to get money from tourists to pay for some
of the costs of the new biome.…read more

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Climate graphs
Graph 2
Graph 1…read more

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The Figures
These two graphs show where savannah's are, what
is the average temperature and what is the average
annual rainfall. Graph 1 has quite surprising results as it
is quite hot near the autumn and winter seasons, also
there is quite a lot of rainfall from December to
January, this climate is totally opposite to England's
climate which is very rainy, well, almost all year, but it
gets very hot in England near May to September.…read more

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I am now going to write about how much it will
probably cost to build this new biome and I am also
going to write about how it will affect tourism at the
Eden Project.…read more

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How It Will Affect Tourism
The way that this biome will affect tourism could be
two things, people will either love to visit this new
biome to experience it and see what it is like or people
will hate it and not want to go there because they
might think that too much money is being spent on the
Eden Project and not enough on them and so they
might not like it.…read more

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What Do I Think?
My view on this is quite straightforward, personally I want this
new Biome to be created, it might cost a lot at the time, but it is
well known that the Eden Project is very famous and is the
"Eighth Wonder of the world" and so more people are going to
visit the Eden project than before and the money from that will
gradually pay back the debt from building this new biome, also, I
think that at the moment the…read more

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How Is It Affecting Its Surroundings?
The Eden Project is affecting its surroundings
because Cornwall used to be a very poor country
compared to the rest of England and it had a GDP of
62% of the national average, ever since the Eden
Project was built and opened in 2001, the GDP has
gone up now and has exceeded the 75% mark which is
quite surprising.…read more

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Cornwall's Regional Results:…read more

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The Benefits:
There are many benefits to building this new biome such as:
· More money to pay back the debt of building the biome.
· More publicity.
· Even better reputation.
· More variety in biomes.
· Shows how beautiful and unique these places are and will
give people the idea to save these rainforests and savannahs
for the better future and their beauty.…read more


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