Ecotourism Geography

Just a few notes I swung together about eco tourism. Hope it helps :)

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Ecotourism doesn't destroy the environment
Ecotourism doesn't destroy the environment, it also involves two things: Conservation and
Stewardship. These should all be joined together, so as to allow all locals etc... to benefit.
Ecotourism usually occurs in small numbers to help maintain a low environmental impact of tourism
low and usually involves activities such as walking and wildlife watching.
Ecotourism - tourism that doesn't harm the environment and benefits the local people
Conservation ­ protecting and managing the environment
Stewardship ­ taking responsibility for conserving the environment

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Ecotourism benefits all!
Ecotourism helps the sustainable development of areas
1) Sustainable tourism means improving the quality of life for people but doing it in a way
that doesn't stop people in the future getting what the need.
2) Ecotourism helps areas to develop by increasing the quality of life for local people ­ the
profits from ecotourism can be used to build schools or health care facilities.…read more

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