Advantages and disadvantages of ecotourism

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Ecotourism reduce and manages the amount of tourism on wildlife or naturally
beautiful ecosystems ­ it is a method of sustainable development. It ensures
the local communities and environments are not exploited and are protected
by the consultation of local communities so that it is still available in the future.
The `International year of Ecotourism' is 2002, as it is now supported the UN.
Eco tourist must follow guidelines:
Protect the environment - keep to footpaths, don't leave litter or start fires.
Don't interfere with wildlife - don't scare or feed the animals.
Protect resources - don't take too many showers or use air conditioning.
Support local communities - stay in locally owned accommodation and buy produce from
local people.
Eat local food and drink - avoid products that have been imported from MEDCs.
Respect local customs and traditions
It helps preserve natural environments
It helps the local communities economically
It helps sustain the resources used to build the country's economy
Making space for tourists still means that some areas have to be
sacrificed or
Although there are guidelines, they may still be violated
It may still cause pollution e.g. tour vehicles.


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