Ecosystems and tropical Rainforest Revision

This is some revision information I've written to help a couple of my friends out with GCSE geography and I thought it'd be of use to others also. In this it mentions;

Ecosystems - inputs, outputs, processes etc.

Tropical rainforest - location, climate, soil composition, deforestation, shifting cultivation etc.

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Geography Revision

What exactly is an ecosystem?
An ecosystem is a habitat where animals and plants live and
interact with each other and their surroundings in order to
An example of a simple ecosystem;

In any type of ecosystem there are ALWAYS inputs, outputs and
processes occurring.

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The soil is largely devoid of minerals such as;
However, it is rich in aluminium oxide and iron oxide which gives
it its reddish or yellowish colour. The soil, as a result, can be
toxic in high amounts.
The climate in the tropical rainforest is hot…

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The Types of Rainfall
There are three different types of rainfall, these are;
Convectional rainfall ­ hot air rises.
Frontal rainfall ­ a warm front meets with a cold front.
Relief rainfall ­ warm air is forced to rise up over mountains
and hills.
Air rises and cools and condensation…

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wasteful method of farming but it causes less harm to the
environment than permanent farming does.
The tribal groups ­ Amerindians ­ use stone axes and
machetes to fell about one hectare of forest. Also any
undergrowth has to be cleared immediately.
The felled trees are dried and then burned,…

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Soil composition - the percent of mineral particles present in the
soil (percent sand, silt, loam, and/or clay).
Climate - he weather in some location averaged over some long
period of time.
Precipitation - the quantity of water falling to earth at a specific
place within a specified period of…

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Subsistence - Subsistence is the action or fact of maintaining or
supporting oneself at a minimum level.
Manioc - A shrubby tropical American plant (Manihot esculenta)
ideally grown for its large, tuberous, starchy roots.
Yams - sweet potato with deep orange flesh that remains moist
when baked.
Supplement - something…


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