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Employment in the UK essay question

(a) Describe the main changes in unemployment between 1989 and 2000 as shown in
extract B:

In 1989 we can see that unemployment was quite high at 5.9%, it began to rise and reached
a peak in 1993 at 9.7 million. There was a…

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(c) Evaluate the polices the government should adopt if it wishes to achieve a low level
of unemployment.
The unemployment described in the sources, is cyclical unemployment. This means that
there is insufficient demand in the economy for all the workers who wish to work at
current wage rates to…

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Another possible policy to enforce is a supplyside policy. They aim to increase AS by
raising market efficiency and in turn increase AS. The government could improve education
and training, which should raise the productivity of labour. If people are more skilled, they
will be available for new jobs in…


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