Economic and social inequalities in Cape Town, South Africa

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Economic and social inequalities in Cape Town, South Africa
Causes of inequalities
Fall of the apartheid- the abolition of the pass laws meant people were able
to travel freely meaning many rural populations moved to urban areas.
Housing- poor quality housing leaves residents susceptible to extreme
weather, poor health and greater risk from epidemics.
Employment- 44% of black males are unemployed compared to 5% of white
males due to the uneducated immigrants and those working in the informal
sector. Those employed in formal economy are often badly paid and have
long commutes that they can't afford.
HIV/AIDS and environmental health- ¼ are HIV positive. Children can be
orphaned by this meaning they can't be educated as they have to care for
younger siblings and support themselves. Poor environmental conditions such
as poor water supply, overcrowding and malnutrition also contribute to
poverty as being ill means people can't work and so have a lower income. Air
pollution is high as fuel for cooking involves mainly wood, paraffin which
are highly polluting and leads to respiratory illnesses.
Demographics- youthful population meaning they are not enough jobs o
provide for the population.
Cycle of poverty-poorer people can't afford education so can't have
access to better jobs
Growth of the informal sector- youthful population means there is isn't
enough formal jobs and informal employment creates lack of taxes for
public services
Air pollution- respiratory illnesses-lack of ability to work
Sanitation- increase in illnesses such as Cholera
Water pollution- lack of safe drinking water leading to water borne
Policies- employers need to employ 50% black employees and 50% white
employees, although this has meant that black people are becoming favoured
over white people so white people are becoming unemployed and therefore
becoming poorer

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