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Ecology + Habitat Study…read more

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Ecology is the study of the relationships
between plants, animals and their
An Ecosystem is all the plants and animals in
an area interacting with each other an their
A habitat is where a plant or animal lives.
A habitat is where a plant or animal lives.…read more

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Theory (2)
Producers are plants that make their own
Examples of producers include: Bladder
Wrack and Plankton.
Consumers are animals that get their food by
eating plants or other animals.
A food chain is a list of living things in which
each one is eaten by the next one in the chain.…read more

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Theory (3)
Adaptations are structures or habits that living
things have which enable them to survive in their
Competition occurs when two or more organisms
require something that is in short supply.
A food web consists of two or more
interconnected food chains.
Interdependence means that living things depend
on each other for survival.…read more

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Habitat Study
Identifying Plants and Animals is done by
using a key.
For example, the following key identifies
vertebrates (animals with spines), sorting
them into one of five categories.
***************************…read more

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Vertebrate Key
1: Body Covered by hairs or feathers (Go to 2)
Body not covered by hairs or feathers (Go to 3)
2: Body covered by hairs: Mammal
Body covered by feathers: Bird
3: Body covered by scales: 4
Body not covered by scales: Amphibian
4: Nostrils present: Reptile
Nostrils absent: Fish.…read more

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lisa linsdell


Nice resource that covers aspects of ecology. contains a good description of random sampling. Not enough detail for Higher papers though



this is a great power point am reading an making great note quite impressive indeed

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