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What is the impact of
globalisation on the
Green Movement?…read more

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Effect of Globalisation
· Brought green movement to forefront of
international ideology
· Nationally-based environmentalists' concerns
seemed parochial
· Forced movement itself to become global…read more

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Global Organisations
· Forced Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace
into becoming global organisations
· Campaigns are international and have
increasingly focused on international
organisations and conferences
· Rio (1992)
· Kyoto (1997) Characterised by
· Johannesburg (2002) intense lobbying
· Kobe (2008)…read more

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Quasi-anarchist Anti-globalism
· This movement has developed separately from
conventional environmentalist lobby
· Argue conventional methods of campaigning are
· Believe that an anthropocentric and exploitative
attitude towards environment is so entrenched
within international and multinational companies
that radical methods must be employed
· Mass demonstrations
· Attacks on property, especially during conferences…read more

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Their Effectiveness
· No matter how much influence they have over
national governments, problems are so
extensive that only global action can be
· USA (most influential nation):
· Relatively little interest in green issues
· US Green party, led by Ralph Nader, has made
virtually no impact on electoral politics…read more

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Economic Development in the Third
· Green movement argued for · Pressure from international
genuinely sustainable economic organisations for
development in such countries rapid economic
· Should be presented with development
opportunities to develop own
· Huge debt + massive social
natural organic economic
problems = temptation for
poor countries to take the
· Self-sufficiency + traditional
short-term view, accepting
social structures =
preservation of natural aid
habitats…read more

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