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Vegetation Transect in West Africa…read more

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Climates in West Africa
Vary with latitude from equator towards
West Africa is typical of this progression of
climate types.
There are strong links between climate type
and the resultant vegetation.
Climatic Climax ­ The dominant vegetation that
can develop in a given climate type.…read more

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Ecocline Transect
Equator 10°N 20 °N
Equatorial Parkland or `closed' Savanna Semi-desert (scrub) Desert
Rainforest savannah or `open' savanna
Rain all year 2 months without rain Summer rain dry winter 7 months without rain Annual drought
Vegetation Characteristics
Climatic Characteristics
Human Activity…read more

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Equatorial Rainforest
Vegetation Characteristics
Tall broadleaved evergreen forest.
Trees up to 50m high.
Continuous growth
Rapid flowering, fruiting and decay.
Layered forest structure.
Incredible biodiversity
Usually 200 species per Km2…read more

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`Closed' savanna
Vegetation Characteristics
Clearings of woody shrubs
Appearance of tall grass species.
Fire and drought resistant trees.
Adaptation to increasing seasonality of climate.
Acacia, euphorbia…read more

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`Open' savanna
Vegetation Characteristics
Tall savanna grasses.
Isolated drought resistant trees.
Baobab, palms.
All vegetation develops resistance to animal
Thorns, woody bark.
Why do you think this is?…read more

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