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The Court of Justice
of the European
Communities…read more

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· It is the responsibility of the Court of
Justice to ensure that the Treaties are
· It is also responsible for ensuring that the
laws and rules made under the Treaties
are followed.…read more

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Court of First Instance
· The Court of Justice is assisted by the
Court of First Instance.
· This court was established in 1989.
· Its main task is to deal with actions
brought by individuals against decisions of
the Community institutions.…read more

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The Judges of the Court of Justice
· There 27 Judges, one of whom is elected
by the others to be President.
· The judges are selected by general
agreement among the member states for a
renewable term of 6 years.…read more

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· There are also 8 Advocates-General.
· Advocate-generals are lawyers appointed
to assist the Court and its judges.
· Their purpose is to research the law and
present an independent opinion to the
Court on any case brought before it.…read more

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· The Court sits in groups known as
Chambers, with each Chamber comprising
3 or 5 Judges.
· Sometimes all judges might sit in an
important case. If all the judges sit it is
referred to as a `plenary session'.…read more

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