Eating Behaviours Studies

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Cannon and Washburn Swallowed a balloon- feelings of hunger
correlated to fullness
Hetherington and Ranson Lesion to VMH overeating and obesity in rats
Anand and Brobeck Lesion to LH loss of feeding- aphagia in rats
Cummings Injections of ghrelin increased food intake and
body weight
Cummings Highest levels of Ghrelin recorded when Ps most
hungry and requested evening meal
Carlson Obese mice are missing leptin- mice eat
Meyer and Gast 10-12 year olds- positive correlation of
disordered eating with peer influence
Ogden Signif correlation between diets of mothers and
Grigson and Gibson Opitates increase intake and tastiness of food,
blocking endorphin system reduces food intake
and sweet foods increase release of endorphins
Gibson People who are stressed/ depressed eat more
carbs and fats in their meals
Nacht, Gerer and Ellgring Carbs and fats led to a better mood and
increased energy
Garg Upbeat film- ate more grapes
Sad film- ate 36% more popcorn
Davis Bulimic feel more depressed more binge/purge
Wegner Binge days characterised by lower mood
Parker Choc has a slight antidepressant effect- eating
as an emotional strategy is more likely to
produce a prolonged depressed mood
Mann Review- Most women cannot lose weight on a
diet and mainly put it back on
Herman and Mack Preload/taste test. Restricted eaters who ate 2
preloads ate more ice cream than 1 or no
preload- went over cognitive boundary and
what the hell, might as well go on to physical
Powell, Calvin and Calvin Weight loss possible when with lifestyle changes
such as physical exercise, group and individual
support and self monitoring
Hoek at al Black inhabitants of the carribbean island of
Curacao had a much lower rate of AN than white
Groesz, Levne and Murnen Meta review of 25 studies and concluded that
body dissatisfaction signif increased after media
exposure of thin white women
Becker Eating disorders were absent in Fiji before the
introduction of TV and exposure to western
influences. After 5 years there were significant
numbers of women with AN and BN

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Holland If one MZ twin had AN prob of other twin
developing AN was 55% concordance rate of DZ
twins 7%
Bardone-Cone Interaction between personality and
characteristics and BN- concern about body
weight and body dissatisfaction pos. Correlated
to bulimic symptoms only when combined with
high levels perfectionism and low self efficiency
Favaro Perinatal complications signif.…read more


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