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Social Leaning:
Social Learning Theory, developed by Bandura, focuses on the effect other people's behaviour has on
our own through the process of observation and vicarious learning.

Parental Modelling:
Children will often gain a lot of knowledge and experience from their parents, which is to be expected.
Parents or carers…

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Where people stand in society can influence individuals a great deal. A number of studies have found
that body dissatisfaction and other features related to disordered eating are more commonly found in the
higher classes.
Dornbusch et al (1984) surveyed 7,000 American adolescents and concluded that higher class females

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There is speculation as to why people continue to binge eat. As there is little or no rewards afterwards
there is no form of reinforcement for the behaviour which contradicts the concept of Social Learning

Evaluative Points:
Cultural differences:
All cultures are difference and their attitudes to food will…


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