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A2: WJEC East is east and religion

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Opening scene is parade with statue of Virgin Mary ­ mixture of the two cultures/mother is Catholic
Wedding clothes being put on ­ arranged marriage ­ son is gay
Should have taken them to Bradford or Pakistan
Father respects priest
Dad is listening to news of India on radio ­ hates India
1st wife treats 2nd wife like sister
Mosque van is here
See the madrassa
Son not circumcised ­ causes huge fuss at mosque/it is our religion ­ he is going to hell
Doctor is Indian
Boys eat bacon and sausages
It is religion and its their's (about circumcision)
Father takes comfort in mosque ­ boys will not behave until fully enter the community eg marry
Father needs respect of the community but children let him down
Perception of Bradford (really Muslim)
Bradistan sign ­ there's bloody hundreds of them
Arranged marriage ­ photo passed around. The men decide which son will marry which daughter ­
we are one family
Asian family ­ if my family want a new film, change it
One brother prays ­ openly
Dad threatens to get Mrs Khan number one
Parental control ­ hits them and his wife ­ you should be a good Pakistani wife/threatens to kill entire
family in their sleep
Mother accepts father's superiority
It's me stag night ­ I'm getting married ­ who to? I don't know
In Islam everyone equal ­ I know dad all I'm saying is i want to choose who I marry
Women getting too modern even in Islamabad
Bible reference - Good Samaritan

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English women laugh about hitting the husband
Discussion about where they will live
Your wife is a disgrace after she defends her sons
I know what is best for you all…read more


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