Earthquake case studies - Unit 4 Tectonic activity and hazards

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Level of Range of MEDC NIC LEDC
Economic Impacts
Japan, Fukishima 2011 Eastern Sichuan, China Haiti, Caribb
A dam in the north of 2008 Haiti sits b
Fukishima prefecture burst The Earthquake was Caribbean
its banks, which caused predicted 8.5 on the Richter American pla
Physical many more homes to be scale. a very tecton
swept away. 5.5 million buildings collapsed
zone of our p
Power lines and Gas and including schools and that7.0 on the Ric
water services were another 5.9 million were 250,000 ho
severely disrupted, as the severely damaged. 30,000 othe
earthquake ruptured The damaged power 60% of
underground cables and transmission lines add up to buildings w
pipes. 1,978 km. destroyed
The Public telephone In rural areas such as damaged.
system was knocked out, Beichuan county near the
with no signal for mobileepicentre 80% of buildings
phones and internet. collapsed.
Direct Impact: Direct Impact: Direct Impac
Economic Total Cost to rebuild the It is estimated the direct Transport
areas affected was set at damage and losses from the communicati
£185 billion. earthquake was 13.2 billion also badly d
Indirect Impact: dollars. the earthquak
Japan lost over £90 billion Communications, disrupted Indirect Imp
in its shares. roads, transport and phone 1 in 5 peop
Four trains were swept lines. An example is a cargo jobs because
away from their tracks. train carrying 13 tanks of buildings wer
petrol, derailed and caught
fire in Huixian County.
Indirect Impact:
Government will spend 1
trillion Yuan (about $146.5
billion) over the next three
years to rebuild areas
ravaged by the earthquake.
Primary Casualties: Primary Casualties: Primary Cas
Social A Cruise Ship, carrying Death toll estimated 69197, 316,000 pe
100 people was washed 18,222 missing and 374,176 killed and 3 m
away by the sheer force of injured. were affect
the waves. Secondary Casualties: earthquake.
15,400 People were killed 4 million people are Secondary ca
2 Million People were left homeless. Health care
homeless as a result of the poor and u
Tsunami. strain and 1 i
Secondary Casualties: who were aff
500,000 people were earthquake, d
forced to live in shelters as

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The cholera
Waterborne diseases such killed more
as Cholera and Typhoid people whil
spread rapidly. 363,000.
1 million p
made homele
It was difficu
into the area
issues at the
situation.…read more


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