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Name Dat Basic Info Killed Impact Responses Management
Loma Prieta, Oct' 6.9 on Richter 63 (injured San Francisco ­ 22 structural fires. Lack of emergency Development of satellite
San Francisco 1989 Scale, caused 3,757/ Marina District ­ severe damage communication to based emergency
by a slip along 3,000-12,…

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Hanshin Jan' 7.3 on JMA Over Primary ­ 200,000 buildings collapsed, Government criticized Economy recovered quickly.
Earthquake, 1995 scale. 16km 6,000 120 quays destroyed in Kobe. Fires for not acting quickly Within a year Kobe port had
Kobe, Japan beneath killed , raged large portions of the city. and poorly…

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Lorca May 5.1 on MMS. 9 dead. Substantial damage to older structures ­ Government
Earthquake, 2011 Shallow depth 293 Espolon Tower Lorca Castle. mobilized a military
Spain (1km) injured. 3 killed by a falling cornice/ pregnant force of 200
Preceded by a woman and child killed by falling servicemen and…

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Haiti Jan' 7.0 magnitude 3mln 250,000 residences, 30,000 Countries responded Rescue work intensified when
2010 earthquake , affected, commercial buildings to humanitarian aid ­ doctors, police, military
epicenter 316,000 collapsed/severely damaged. pledging funds, personnel and firefighters
(25km west of died, Many major buildings ­ Presidential dispatching arrived from other countries…

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Shanghai, Over as high as Transport network collapsed ­ cargo troops and armed
1,500km away 11mln) train carrying 13 tanks on petrol police to help with
­ buildings derailed and caught fire. disaster relief.
swayed with Water reservoirs and dams damaged ­ Some rural areas
tremor. floods ­ landslides. were…


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