Earthquake Case Studies (A2 Geog. Tectonics Topic)

Here you have a mixture of case studies of earthquakes for the A2 topic on plate tectonics.

hope it helps!

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Name Dat Basic Info Killed Impact Responses Management
Loma Prieta, Oct' 6.9 on Richter 63 (injured San Francisco ­ 22 structural fires. Lack of emergency Development of satellite
San Francisco 1989 Scale, caused 3,757/ Marina District ­ severe damage communication to based emergency
by a slip along 3,000-12, (liquefaction) . manage information communications system ­ to
San Andreas 000 Santa Cruz - downtown severely and resources. provide fail safe
Fault. homeless. damaged. Lack of management communication between state
242 buildings at Stanford Uni damaged planning policies and and local government.
(20 seriously) procedures. Activation of aid systems ­
Cypres Viaduct ­ collapsed (42 deaths) Good media resources immediately
Top deck of San Fran. Bay Bridge coverage. available.
collapsed ­ blocking lower deck. Regulations on training
Interrupted baseball world series. emergency response
Tohoku March 9.0 Richter Scale Over Strength of earthquake caused major Tsunami warning was
Earthquake , 2011 (shallow depth 15,000 tsunami. sent.
Japan 32km) ­ dead, Northeast Japan moved by over 2m Self defence forces
subduction over 5,000 closer to N.America. mobilized in disaster
process. injured, Shift in earth's axis by 25cm. zones.
Preceded by over 8,000 Liquefaction around Tokyo ­ 30 Over 300,000
large missing. destroyed buildings , over 1000 refugees, shortage of
foreshocks (7) damaged. food, water, shelter
& over 1000 Shinmoedake earthquake erupted 2 and medicine.
aftershocks days after earthquake. Japanese Red Cross
Causing a major Sendai Airport flooded, Fukushima received $1billion.
tsunami (33ft). Nuclear Powerplant flooded ­ resulted Good coverage from
in damage of one of the reactors media - NHK -
releasing severe radioactive material. suspended usual
4.4mln households left with no programs to provide
electricity ­ power shortages as power coverage ­ calmness
plants closed down. and cautious.

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Hanshin Jan' 7.3 on JMA Over Primary ­ 200,000 buildings collapsed, Government criticized Economy recovered quickly.
Earthquake, 1995 scale. 16km 6,000 120 quays destroyed in Kobe. Fires for not acting quickly Within a year Kobe port had
Kobe, Japan beneath killed , raged large portions of the city. and poorly managing recovered fully, and export
epicenter. 300,000 Secondary ­ disruption of electricity. Japanese volunteers. was back to how it was
20km from homeless. Refusing help from before the disaster.
Kobe.…read more

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Lorca May 5.1 on MMS. 9 dead. Substantial damage to older structures ­ Government
Earthquake, 2011 Shallow depth 293 Espolon Tower Lorca Castle. mobilized a military
Spain (1km) injured. 3 killed by a falling cornice/ pregnant force of 200
Preceded by a woman and child killed by falling servicemen and
foreshock (4.4 masonry. women to help secure
MMS) ­ 1.5hr People slept outdoors in basketball the area.
early. courts and children's playgrounds. Tents put up for the
8 light homeless.
aftershocks.…read more

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Haiti Jan' 7.0 magnitude 3mln 250,000 residences, 30,000 Countries responded Rescue work intensified when
2010 earthquake , affected, commercial buildings to humanitarian aid ­ doctors, police, military
epicenter 316,000 collapsed/severely damaged. pledging funds, personnel and firefighters
(25km west of died, Many major buildings ­ Presidential dispatching arrived from other countries
Port-au-Prince) 300,000 Palace, Port-au-Prince Cathedral & main rescue/medical two days after the
52 aftershocks injured and jail. teams, engineers and earthquake.
(4.5 or greater) 1mln Communication systems damaged ­ air, support personnel.…read more

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Shanghai, Over as high as Transport network collapsed ­ cargo troops and armed
1,500km away 11mln) train carrying 13 tanks on petrol police to help with
­ buildings derailed and caught fire. disaster relief.
swayed with Water reservoirs and dams damaged ­ Some rural areas
tremor. floods ­ landslides. were inaccessible ­
Strong Major effect on agriculture ­ crops 20 helicopters sent.
aftershocks ruined ­ no food. China issued a
exceeding 6.0 statement that it
on magnitude would appreciate
scale. international aid.
Pakistan Oct' 6.…read more


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