Early Settlers (American West)

key points on the early settlers on the great plains

points explained in more detail on bbc bitesize if need more information that what is given

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Mountain Men:
· first white americans to move west
· not settlers
· discovered different trails west across the plains
Gold Miners:
· california gold rush ­ 1849 ­ 1856
· almost all miners were men ­ followed by shopkeepers + traders,
then women (prostitutes + cooks, then wives)
· few miners made a fortune from gold ­ spent savings to kick start
california economy
· when gave up hopes for gold, moved onto land and settled as farmers
· 1850 ­ california set itself up as a state of the USA with a governor
The Donner Party:
· 87 people, led by George Donner, set out from Missouri in May
1846, following 'trailblazer' Lansford W Hastings
· made decision to take the Hastings cutoff short cut that would save
them 400 miles
· route was too hard, had to abandon cattle whilst crossing salt lake
· attacked by paiute warriors
· fights broke out, 1 man killed
· for 4 months ate their cattle, then bark + twigs, then eachother
· many died of starvation
· 46 survived, 41 died


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