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What is abortion?
An abortion is the "artificial termination of a Abortion and the law
pregnancy." Abortion was made legal in 1967
How is it different from a miscarriage? Under the terms of the Abortion Act, 2 doctors must
It is different to a miscarriage which is "the natural agree that a woman should have an abortion.
termination of a pregnancy." Doctors may "opt out" of performing abortions.
Abortion is allowed if there is a risk to the woman's
mental or physical health or if the baby might be
disabled or if having the baby would be damaging for
other members of the family.
Most people believe life begins at one of three Conception ­ this is the moment that the sperm
stages.. fertilises the ovum (egg)
at conception
When the foetus is viable(could survive Viability is the stage at which the foetus can exist
outside the womb) outside of the womb. This is presently 22 weeks...
at birth
Your own view of when life begins will
probably indicate whether you fall into the
"prolife" or "prochoice" camps.
Abortion is presently legal up to 24 weeks. If the life of
the mother is at risk an abortion can be carried out up Pro choice
to birth... Pro-choice supporters uphold the rights of a woman to
choose whether or not to have an abortion.
They strongly believe that the rights of the woman are
more important than the life of the foetus
Pro-choice supporters are often, but not always,
"Abortion Rights" is a UK pressure group which aims to
defend the rights of a woman to have an abortion.
Pro life The rights of the unborn child
Pro-life supporters believe that the unborn child The foetus has a life of some sort and therefore should
should have the right to life and that abortion should have rights
not be used (except in exceptional circumstances). The foetus is dependent on the mother yet distinct
Pro-life supporters actively campaign to restrict the from her and since it cannot speak for itself needs
availability of abortions. protection
Pro-life supporters are often, but not always, religious A baby is unique and deserves the same rights as any
believers. living person
SPUC is a pro-life pressure group. If a woman had unprotected sex she has a
responsibility to maintain the life of the resulting

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The rights of the mother The rights of the Father
Some people emphasise the right of a woman to Fathers may feel left out in debates about abortion.
choose whether or not to have a child. Fathers have legal responsibilities for their children but few
The foetus is in her body and it is her health, her life rights.
The right to make the final decisions lies with the mother.
and her freedom that will be most affected.…read more

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Religious teaching on sanctity of life When do religions say life begins?
Buddhists , Hindus and Sikhs believe that life should be Most Hindus and Sikhs believe life begins at
valued as every person deserves a chance to do good conception when something unique comes into being.
and build up a good karma.…read more

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Disadvantages: Why was an abortion first considered? Is
the mother really able to look after the child properly?
Alternatives to abortion: Alternatives to abortion:
3. Have the baby fostered, 4. Adoption
Fostering is when a mother places her child in temporary Adoptions are by people who cannot have a family of
foster care until she is in a position to look after the child
their own or who wish to have more children.
herself. The baby is legally still hers.…read more

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Explain why some religious believers are `It is right to abort an unwanted baby'
against abortion. Refer to religious Do you agree? Give reasons for your
teaching in your answer. 6 marks answer, showing that you have thought
about more than one point of view. Refer to
religious arguments in your answer. (6
D. Explain the alternatives to
abortion. Refer to religious
teachings in your answer.…read more


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