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What is abortion?
An abortion is the "artificial termination of a Abortion and the law
pregnancy." Abortion was made legal in 1967
How is it different from a miscarriage? Under the terms of the Abortion Act, 2 doctors must
It is different to a miscarriage which is "the natural agree…

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The rights of the mother The rights of the Father
Some people emphasise the right of a woman to Fathers may feel left out in debates about abortion.
choose whether or not to have a child. Fathers have legal responsibilities for their children but few
The foetus is in her…

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Religious teaching on sanctity of life When do religions say life begins?
Buddhists , Hindus and Sikhs believe that life should be Most Hindus and Sikhs believe life begins at
valued as every person deserves a chance to do good conception when something unique comes into being.
and build up…

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Disadvantages: Why was an abortion first considered? Is
the mother really able to look after the child properly?
Alternatives to abortion: Alternatives to abortion:
3. Have the baby fostered, 4. Adoption
Fostering is when a mother places her child in temporary Adoptions are by people who cannot have a family…

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d. Explain why some religious believers are `It is right to abort an unwanted baby'
against abortion. Refer to religious Do you agree? Give reasons for your
teaching in your answer. 6 marks answer, showing that you have thought
about more than one point of view. Refer to
religious arguments…


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