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Understanding e-Commerce
A-Level Ict…read more

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E-Commerce is impossible to avoid now
days .Almost everyone in the western
world is at one point a consumer of the
growing industry of e-Commerce
Because the world is becoming busier all the
time people are relying more heavily on
computers to organise all their needs ;
shopping for food, buying presents and
even sorting out their banking.…read more

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Examples of e-Commerce
Here are some different businesses, see if
you can work out which are involved in e-
Commerce and why:
· EBay
· Tesco
· iTunes
· Microsoft
· McDonalds…read more

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Examples of e-Commerce cont.
As you will have noticed by now everything we
do is part of e-commerce. This is because
everything now can be done online as well
as in the shops.
· EBay ­An online based auction room
· Tesco ­Also does internet shopping
· iTunes ­Buy music online.
· Microsoft ­Downloads, sales and technical advice online.
· McDonalds ­Only advertises online.…read more

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Why e-Commerce??????
E-Commerce is growing so fast because of
its quickness- whereas in years gone by
people would send a cheque to the
company and then the company would
cash the cheque before dispatching the
goods we can now use instant
transactions to transfer money from
account to account in a number of
seconds.…read more

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Why e-Commerce?????? cont.
Another popular factor of e-Commerce is its
wide availability ­ people from everywhere
can buy- not just those the company can
afford to send a leaflet to, also it means
that the internet can be used as an extra
income for your spare time.
E-Commerce is very low maintenance- you
just have to wait for people to buy and
then send the goods; simple as!!!…read more

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