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Unit 1
Information & Communication
Loyality Cards…read more

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E- Commerce…read more

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What is E-commerce?
The sale and purchase of goods and
services over electronic systems such as
the internet
Businesses selling to customers
Businesses selling to other businesses
Or a new trend with the growth of sites like
eBay, ordinary people selling to other
Although ecommerce tends to be thought of
mainly to do with shops it actually covers a
whole range of other things…read more

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What can you buy?
Food/Groceries eg. Tesco
Clothing eg. Topshop
Holidays/Flights/Hotels eg. Expedia
Concert/Event Tickets eg. Ticketmaster
Books/CDs/Dvds eg. Amazon
Auctioned Items eg. Ebay
Insurance eg.
Flowers eg. Interflora
Greeting Cards eg. Moonpig…read more

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How does it work?…read more

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What do you need?
A business will need
A domain name e.g.
A website or webshop with all of their products
A secure way of taking payment from their
An automatic way of sending an order
confirmation by email
A way of sending orders to the customers…read more

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