Durkheim and Marx Theory

conflict and functionalists

and cultural capital theory

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Durkheim and Marx Theory
Durkheim functionalists Marx conflict
Meritocratic Meritocracy isn't true.
children in middle class succeed and
legitimises the failure of the working class.
Promotes social mobility and people are Social mobility is illusionary. Education
selected for jobs and the basis of: promotes class inequality
intelligence, ability and working hard, etc.
Education prepares people for the Education forms part of the ideology of the
disciplines of work equipping them with working class they have to identify their
skills and knowledge with in the work place own interests with those of the higher
It promotes capitalism as superior forms
with in the economy and political
The idea of `human capital' argues that education is a superior form of technology if
other technologies became obsolete (out of date) people that are educated can still
pass on knowledge to others and teach their skills and expertise.
Cultural Capital Theory (1973)
Pierre Bourdien
The circullm mainly caters for the educational needs for the middle class cultural
This results in the working class students are disadvantaged
Although their culture is regarded as important its is not given status by the
Economic Capital middle class
Cultural Capital advantages
Forms of language Forms of knowledge and social skills

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