Dubai rebranding case study

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As well as its physical factors of the hot and dry climate and the tropical seas, Dubai has
created a lot of pull factors that attract tourists:
It has created the world's largest airport and the second largest port.
The artificially created islands including the symbolic palm islands have attracted buyers from all
over the world.
Several massive construction projects including the 848 metre high skyscraper (the world's
tallest building) ­ the Birj Dubai.
Soon to be open is the huge entertainment complex: Dubailand, a multi billion dollar collection
of theme parks that (when completed) will be larger than Birmingham!
The worlds only 7 star hotel ­ The Burj al Arab.
However there are several problems with the development:
1. Dubai has a MASSIVE WATER FOOTPRINT: in a desert water is scarce but Dubai needs a lot of water ­
to supply its population, air conditioning, 40 golf courses and indoor ski slope with real snow! This
water usage is not sustainable!
2. The construction projects have imported their workers from cheap labour pools in Asia ­ these
workers have been exploited by poor working conditions, poor health and safety, long hours and low
pay. The majority of workers have been male creating a huge gender inequality ­ in 2007, 76% of the
population was male.
3. Development onto the sea has increased the risk of oil spills and sewage discharges and the artificial
islands have disrupted natural processes.
4. Over fishing is a potential issue as intense trawling methods are used and there is very little marine
protection or conservation.
5. There has been a large CULTURE CLASH between local people and western cultures. Locals have a
strict Muslim culture which creates a conflict with westerners.
6. The GLOBAL RECESSION has led to 150 projects being scrapped and the property market badly hit
due to the slowing of investment.


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