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Some random info.
Random PE sections…read more

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Drugs - Legal
Name of Substance Effects on Performer Side Effects
Alcohol ·Leads to slower reaction times ·Can lead to heart failure
·makes the drinker less mobile ·Increased blood pressure
due to excess weight ·Increased weight
·causes loss of concentration & ·Liver disease/cancer
Stimulants (caffeine) ·Increase alertness & aggression ·Insomnia (sleeping problems)
(in turn increasing ·Anxiety
competitiveness) ·Aggression
·To reduce tiredness ·Heart rate irregularities
·To increase heart rate so there
is more oxygen delivery
Smoking (nicotine) ·This causes breathlessness ·Strokes
·Reduces oxygen carrying ·Bronchitis
capacity. ·Heart disease / angina
·Blood clots
·Lung cancer…read more

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Drugs - Illegal
Name of Substance Effects on Performer Side Effects
Anabolic Steroids ·To allow them to train for ·Liver damage
longer & harder so increase ·Testicular atrophy which leads
power and strength to decreased sperm count
·To speed up recovery time ·Skin problems, acne
·To increase protein synthesis ·Mood swings, increased
to develop lean muscle mass aggression
·Premature baldness
Peptide Hormones ·Human Growth Hormone ­ ·Human Growth Hormone ­
can help increase muscle mass, causes: arthritis, heart failure,
therefore strength abnormal growth, diabetes
·EPO ­ can help increase red ·EPO ­ causes: increased
blood thickness of blood, blood
clots/strokes, increase risk of
heart attack…read more

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Drugs Continued
Name of Substance Effects on Performer Side Effects
Diuretics ·To achieve quick weight loss ·Dehydration
·To mask or hide other ·Nausea / headaches
performance enhancing ·Heart / kidney failure
Narcotic Analgesics ·Increase the performer's pain ·Nausea / sickness
threshold ·Anxiety / depression
·Mask injuries so performer ·Kidney / liver damage
can continue to compete
Beta Blockers ·Reduce performers anxiety as ·Slowing heart rate, and oxygen
they have a calming affect delivery
·Reduce muscle tremor/shake ·Lowering blood pressure
to allow the performer to stay ·Sleep disturbance leading to
in control. tiredness…read more

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What to do if a person
Am I, or the collapsed person in danger? Send for
Danger medical help.
·Make comfortable
·Put in recovery
Response ·Check for injury &check
position & check
Breathing: Not breathing:
Airway ·Check ·Put on back
circulation ·Start mouth to mouth
·Check for ·2 full breaths
injury ·Check circulation
Pulse present: Pulse Absent:
·Keep on back ·Start CPR
Circulation ·Continue mouth to
·Check pulse
and breathing
·Check pulse and…read more


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