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Drug Treatment Programmes
Treating Heroin Addiction with
Treating Alcohol Addiction with
Aversion Therapy…read more

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Synthetic opiate that replaces heroin at the
synapse, allowing the addict to function
normally (tolerance).
It avoids withdrawal symptoms and as it is
taken orally, it is less dangerous than taking
injected heroin.
It lasts for a longer amount of time per dosage
(about 24hours). This therefore can avoid the
fluctuations experienced with heroin.
As methadone blocks the opiate rush it makes
injecting less desirable.…read more

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Addicts are assessed and there the level of
methadone is determined. Initially, the user must visit
a pharmacy, where they are given methadone to be
drunk over supervision.
Once the pharmacist or doctor considers them
trustworthy they earn the right to take advances home
for self administration.
Once the treatment is stabilised the process of
detoxification can begin. In Britain the NHS
recommend users have 3 month check ups.
These include monitoring level and stability of
addiction, as well as urine tests to check that the user
isn't involved with other drugs.…read more

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The amount of methadone is slowly
decreased, which then enables the
addict to cope with reduced intake
without experiencing withdrawal (as
withdrawal may cause an addict to want
to go back to their dealer).…read more

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Evaluation Of Methadone
It allows addicts to break connections Many addicts never try to detox, and
with dealers, no longer pressured to just carry on taking methadone for as
take heroin, and are less likely to long as they need it with no
become involved with other drugs. conditions attached.
Over dosing on methadone is hard, Methadone withdrawal takes longer
so it's a safer opiate to use. than heroin (1 month) so any one
As methadone is taken orally, there giving up has to cope with symptoms
is no chance or users getting for longer.
diseases from needles like hepatitis. It can still be dangerous if users are
Embolisms which occur when you consuming a cocktail of drugs, can
get a bubble of air when injecting, cause over dose.
are also avoided. Addicts who are given methadone by
The glamorous aspect of heroin use a pharmacist have better compliance
is removed, as drinking liquid given than those who self administer.
to you by a chemist isn't glamorous Some methadone therefore ends up
at all! in the illegal drugs market, which
defeats the point of the programme.…read more

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Aversion Therapy
Normally, when someone drink alcohol, the
alcohol changes in two ways: Its metabolised
into a compound that is toxic (acetaldehyde).
If this builds up in the body it causes
unpleasant symptoms associated with
excessive drinking like nausea, dizziness,
palpitations etc.
Acetaldehyde is normally oxidised however,
rapidly into acetic acid which is completely
harmless.…read more

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