drug misuse methadone quick

drug misuse methadone quick

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Issue date: January 2007 NHS
Review date: March 2010
National Institute for
Health and Clinical Excellence
Quick reference guide
Methadone and buprenorphine for the
management of opioid dependence
1 Guidance 2 Implementation
1.1 Methadone and buprenorphine (oral formulations), NICE has developed tools to help organisations implement
using flexible dosing regimens, are recommended this guidance (listed below). These are available on our
as options for maintenance therapy in the website (www.nice.org.uk/TA114).
management of opioid dependence. · Local costing template incorporating a costing report
1.2 The decision about which drug to use should be to estimate the savings and costs associated
made on a case by case basis, taking into account with implementation.
a number of factors, including the person's history · Audit criteria to monitor local practice.
of opioid dependence, their commitment to a
particular long-term management strategy, and an NICE is developing a suite of implementation tools to
estimate of the risks and benefits of each coincide with the publication of its drug misuse guidance
treatment made by the responsible clinician in (see ' Related NICE guidance' section).
consultation with the person. If both drugs are
equally suitable, methadone should be prescribed
as the first choice.
1.3 Methadone and buprenorphine should be
administered daily, under supervision, for at least
the first 3 months. Supervision should be relaxed
only when the patient's compliance is assured.
Both drugs should be given as part of a
programme of supportive care.
NICE technology appraisal guidance 114
This guidance is written in the following context
This guidance represents the view of the Institute, which was arrived at after careful consideration of the available
evidence. Healthcare professionals are expected to take it fully into account when exercising their clinical judgement.
This guidance does not, however, override the individual responsibility of healthcare professionals to make appropriate
decisions in the circumstances of the individual patient, in consultation with the patient and/or guardian or carer.

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Further information `Understanding NICE guidance'
Quick reference guide Information for people who are opioid dependent and their
carers is available from www.nice.org.uk/TA114publicinfo
This has been distributed to healthcare professionals
working in the NHS in England and Wales For printed copies, phone the NHS Response Line on
(see www.nice.org.uk/TA114distributionlist). It is 0870 1555 455 (quote reference number N1175).
available from www.nice.org.uk/TA114quickrefguide
For printed copies, phone the NHS Response Line on Related NICE guidance
0870 1555 455 (quote reference number N1174).…read more


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