Drought in Ethiopia an LEDC

Drought in Ethiopia an LEDC

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1. Overgrazing ­ too many cattle 2. Millions needed food aid ­ 2.7
grazing the land removes the million in Ethiopia do not have enough
vegetation reducing food.
evapotranspiration and the potential
for rainfall.
3. Increased infant mortality rates 4. Crop failures due to lack of rain
in the under 5's. will lead to more food shortages.
5. Herdsmen migrated with their 6. Over 1 million vaccinated against
animals to find pasture. measles.
7. Emergency food provided for 8. Increased rates of measles and
1000's of cattle. other diseases.
9. Overpopulation ­ putting further 10. War ­ wars in Ethiopia meant that
strain on natural resources, food millions of dollars were spent on
supplies, fuel supplies, employment, weapons and not on development.
housing and water supplies.
11. Global warming ­ the warming 12. Pasture degradation ­ with low
of the atmosphere may have reduced rainfall the grass is dying out and will
rainfall and increased temperatures in provide little nutrition.
the Sahel region.
13. Water shortages ­ as the rains 14. Deforestation ­ the removal of
have failed there is less water in the forests for fuel, farming and
rivers, lakes, reservoirs and building reduces the input of
underground. evapotranspiration back into the
15. Increased malnutrition 16. Desertification ­ overgrazing,
particularly amongst children. deforestation and less rain has meant
that the deserts are growing in size.
17. Global Dimming ­ pollution from 18. Below average rainfall ­ there
Europe has been blamed for reducing has been below average rainfall for
sunlight by up to 4% which has many years starting in the 1970's.
reduced evaporation.
19. 12000 children treated for severe 20. New water schemes and wells
malnutrition. were dug. Old wells were renovated.
21. Albedo effect has been 22. Short rainy season in June 2006
increased by removal of vegetation. ­ this means that there was less
This means more energy from the sun rainfall. 20 ­ 60% of normal.
is reflected.

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