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Drought is when there is a major shortage of water, there are 3 different
types of drought these are:
Meteorological drought--This type of drought all about the weather and
occurs when there is a prolonged period of below average precipitation,
which creates a natural shortage of available water.
Agricultural drought--This type of drought occurs when there isn't enough
moisture to support average crop production on farms or average grass
production on range land. Although agricultural drought often occurs
during dry, hot periods of low precipitation, it can also occur during
periods of average precipitation when soil conditions or agricultural
techniques require extra water.
Hydrological drought--This type of drought occurs when water reserves in
aquifers, lakes and reservoirs fall below an established statistical
average. Again, hydrological drought can happen even during times of
average or above average precipitation, if human demand for water is
high and increased usage has lowered the water reserves.…read more

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A drought occurs when not enough rainfalls over a prolonged period of time to satisfy
the needs of the community which use it. It can also occur if farming techniques (this
can include overgrazing if there are more animal needed for higher populations and
demands) or soil conditions mean that more water than usual is needed so the
supply runs out to quickly, or prolonged heat which evaporates any precipitation too quickly
so there is less left in the soil or in rivers. Droughts can even happen when there are
average or higher that average rainfall, this could happen if human demand has
significantly increased. Global warming is thought to be partly causing shortages of water
as it means that global temperatures are increasing. Finally war can also majorly deplete
supplies as a lot is needed to sustain army forces and little is left for the rest of the
country. And since the majority of the countries money is spent on weaponry the is little to
be spent of finding more effective ways of harvesting water so more is available. In the
Sahel district of Africa drought occurs quite often because when the moist, rainy air at the
equator is prevented from moving north and reaching the countries of the Sahel. Higher sea
temperatures are also thought to be party responsible.…read more

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Countries in tropical latitudes experience a distinct wet and dry season. If the
fail to arrive, the resulting drought can be disastrous for crops, animals and
The Sahel area of Africa is an area particularly prone to drought. It stretches in a
south of the Sahara Desert between latitudes 12°N and 17°N. Drought occurs in
area when the moist, rainy air at the equator is prevented from moving north and
reaching the countries of the Sahel. Higher sea temperatures are also thought to
party responsible.…read more

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- There is not enough food so - No food is exported so the - Farming land dries out so
people starve. animals and crops die.
country does not make any
- Farmers become poor as they do money. (An LEDC's main - Desertification,
not make any money. income is through overgrazing, deforestation
- People starve as food and water exporting food.) and less rain has meant
becomes expensive due to high that the deserts are
- Farmers don't make any growing in size.
- Increased rates of measles and - Pasture degradation, with
others diseases as they spread - Water companies may low rainfall the grass is
quickly in survival camps. have to shut down as they drying out and will
have no water to sell so provide little nutrition.
- Increased malnutrition and infant
mortality. have no money, or they - More energy from the sun
could do well as the price is reflected due the Albedo
- Fights breakout for food, water of water increases, but effect which is sped up by
and transport out of Ethiopia.
people would no longer be the removal of vegetation.
- Herdsmen migrate to other able to buy it. - Water shortages.
countries to find water for their
- Many people will loose jobs as
85% of Ethiopians rely on
agriculture for money.…read more

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- Emergency food provided for thousands of cattle.
- 12 thousand people treated for severe malnutrition.
- New water schemes are being put in place to help communities get more water
by helping them build newer, more efficient wells and renovation older wells.
- Over 1 million people vaccinated for measles.
- 2.7 million people needed food aid from around the world.
- The 2006 drought caused the release of band aids `Do they know its Christmas'
and the beginning of Live Aid charity concerts to raise money for the much needed
- Planting drought resistant crops.
- Impose restrictions on water use.…read more


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