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What dreams are there in Frankenstein?
Who dreams?
What do they dream about?…read more

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Victor Frankenstein
Victor dreams of the glory he will receive through science ­
namely creating his own race.
"A new species to bless me as its creator" V1C4 ­ this is ironic
because Victor gets no blessings, and he is called "slave" by his
creature in Volume 3 ("You are my creator, but I am your master
­ obey!" and "I was the slave of my creature")
"No father could claim the gratitude of his child so completely as
I should deserve them" V1C4 ­ this foreshadows how bad a
parent-figure Victor will turn out to be despite his own upbringing
being idyllic ("I was so guided by a silken cord"…read more

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Robert Walton
At the start of the novel, Walton is just commencing his
expedition to the North Pacific Ocean. He speaks of how he
has prepared a while for the journey and that the
completion of it will bring his great joy which is what he
aspires for.
"This expedition has been the favourite dream of my early
years" V1L1 ­ the use of the phrase "early years"
expresses the length of time that Walton has wished to
undertake the challenge…read more

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The Creature
One of the first movement described to us that the Creature
undertakes is to reach out to Frankenstein. This is usually
also the first instincts of young children who wish for
nurture. This is precisely what the creature aims for until he
finally realises that none of humanity ­ especially not his
creator, Victor ­ is going to give it to him, so he then turns
his back on the human race.
"My heart yearned to be known and loved by the amiable
creatures" V2C7 ­ The use of the word "known" highlights
how the Creature wanted familiarity, he wanted people to
be there for him like a family would do which is something
he has never known ­ Victor has deprived him of this.…read more


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