Drainage Basins

Revision notes on drainage basin case studies for AS Geography.

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Drainage Basins
The River Severn Drainage Basin:
The River Severn is the longest river in Britain and flows for 354 km from
its source in the Cambrian Mountains in Wales, to its mouth at the seven
estuary in the Bristol Channel. The area of the River Severn drainage
basin is 11,420 square kilometers and is circular/ oval in shape.
There are 16 main tributaries of
the River Severn, including the
Vyrnwy, the Tern, the Stour, the
Warwickshire Avon, the Bristol
Avon Teme, the Leadon, and the
Wye. There are also many smaller
tributaries that join the River
Severn along its course, although
the actual number is not known.
The climate along the River
Severn is similar to the rest of
Wales and England very wet and
temperate i.e. quite low
temperatures in winter and quite
high temperature in summer.
The relief of the River Severn is quite varied along its course, with steep
`V' shaped valleys in the upper course and more gentle slopes in the
middle and lower sections.
The River Severn is very prone to flooding as the source is located in
Wales where there is regular heavy rain. This large volume of water
combined with melt water and increased velocity due to `V' shaped
valleys cause the river to flood often. In 1795 the highest flood to the
present day, of the River Severn, was recorded and in 1818 the River
Severn flooded 5 times within one year.

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The River Amazon Drainage Basin:
The River Amazon is located in South America largely in Brazil but also in
Puru Bolivia and Columbia. It is the 2nd largest river in the world to the
Nile, measuring 6,400 km from its source, at the Apacheta cliff, to its
mouth at the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil.
The total area of the River Amazon drainage basin measures
7,050,000 km² and gathers waters from
5 degrees north latitude to 20 degrees
south latitude.…read more

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