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5 Quotations on Dr Rank
· "Krogstad... he's rotten to the core."
· "suffers from a diseased moral character" Dr Rank saying
gives some exposure on Krogstad.
· "Helmer is a sensitive soul; he loathes anything that is ugly. I
don't want him visiting me..." Shows how Dr Ranks and
Torvald's relationship is superficial as he choses to tell Nora
and not Torvald directly.
· "Nora.. Do you think he's the only one..." This highlights how
Dr Rank is confessing his love for Nora in a non-direct way.
· "I am going downhill fast. There's nothing to be done about it."
This statement by Dr Rank can be shown through multiple
characters. Dr Rank is referring to himself going bankrupt, but
"going downhill fast" can also relate to Nora's situation with the
loan, Krogstad's reputation and the losing of his job and Nora
and Torvald's relationship.…read more

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3 Adjectives to sum up Dr Rank
· Observant
· Respectful
· Realist…read more

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Quotations from other
· "His suffering and his loneliness seemed almost to
provide a background of dark cloud to the sunshine of our
lives" Torvald says this possibly highlighting that he was
not in fact Dr Ranks closest friend.…read more

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How does Dr Rank fit in with Key
· Dr Rank fits in with the theme of Parental obligations as
his father had many affairs with women which led to the
disease that he passed onto Dr Rank.
· The theme of letters is followed by Dr Rank when he
choses to mark this death with a black cross on a card
when telling Torvald.
· The them of the Unreliability of appearances also fits
with Dr Rank as he in fact has a spine disease and also
has fallen in love with Nora.…read more

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How is Dr Rank important in
terms of context
· Rank seems to be a more realistic character and reflects
Modern Drama whereas Krogstad and Torvald could fit
into a melodrama.
· Also, Dr Rank is not concerned with what people think of
him, which is unusual for the time the play was set.
· Doctor Rank is especially against immoral behaviour due
to the way his family handled their obligations and
financial needs when he was growing up. Doctor Rank's
childhood past is very similar to the life Ibsen led as a
· Dr Rank voiced his disappointment in his father and
blamed him for being sickly growing up.…read more

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