Domestic Violence Essay Plan

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Examine the patterns of and reasons for domestic violence in society
In this essay I will be looking at the causes of domestic violence, what patterns lay in
this issue and what sociologists view on this topic. I will be able to back this
knowledge up with statistics and facts, including trends.
Paragraph 1
P- What is domestic violence? Common view v Sociologists view
E- Common/Sociologists
R- Mirlees-Black (1999) and relevant statistics
Paragraph 2
P- Inequality & Stress ­ Reasons
E- Dobash ­ Challenging authority
R- Russell & Rebecca Dobash (1979)
R- Wilkinson (1996)
C- What all of this causes
Paragraph 3
P- Class affects risk factor
E- Recent patterns ­ statistics
R- Mirlees-Black
C- Why? ­ Answer
Paragraph 4
P- Least likely crime to be reported
E- Court reports
R- Cheal & Yearnshire
R- Dobash
Paragraph 5
P- What will happen in the future?
E- Functionalist & Liberal Feminist
R- " "
R- Sylvia Walby


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