Does Snowball offer a morally legitimate alternative to Napoleon’s communist hierarchy?

This is an essay written by myself with the essay title set by my teacher. I appreciate all feedback and please bear in mind I'm only 14 so this may be really bad x

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Snowball vs. Napoleon: The underlying theme
George Orwell's underlying theme of communism is shown very effectively in
Napoleons evil Stalin-like character opposed to Snowballs similarities to Leon
Trotsky & an analyse of their presentation in Animal Farm will form the root of
this essay.

Old Major is a prize boar…

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Animal Farm into a dictatorship he does agree with pigs being superior similar to
many communist supporters. In the early chapters it seems as though Snowball
has links with Lenin (the leader of the October Revolution in 1917) but it
becomes apparent Snowball is the double for Leon Trotsky (who…

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In conclusion even though Snowball seemed more noble than Napoleon he
probably would have done the same in his shoes as `power corrupts but absolute
power corrupts absolutely' which applies here as they took over too fast and
established a bigoted hierarchy which wasn't fair to the other needy animals.…


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