Does Snowball offer a morally legitimate alternative to Napoleon’s communist hierarchy?

This is an essay written by myself with the essay title set by my teacher. I appreciate all feedback and please bear in mind I'm only 14 so this may be really bad x

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Snowball vs. Napoleon: The underlying theme
George Orwell's underlying theme of communism is shown very effectively in
Napoleons evil Stalin-like character opposed to Snowballs similarities to Leon
Trotsky & an analyse of their presentation in Animal Farm will form the root of
this essay.
Old Major is a prize boar who has had an epiphany in his slumber. When he tells
the other animals they become motivated to develop their dismal lives into Old
Majors vision. He is portrayed as an authoritative Leader who has strong beliefs
and has a negative attitude to mankind which is very prominent as the book says
"There, comrades, is the answer to all our problems-Man. Man is the only real
enemy we have." The writer's use of repetition is effective in making you engage
with Old Major and sympathising to their situation. Placing this at the early
stage of the story implants the message concisely and clearly to get the reader's
attention to begin exploring other views on the world. This makes the reader
think Old Major was a good influence and if he stayed alive, Animal Farm would
be as picture-perfect as he dreamt.
Napoleon is a curious character. He wasn't mentioned much in the initial rebellion
yet he's introduced with Snowball as one of the most intelligent pigs around.
George Orwell describes him as "not much of a talker, but with a reputation for
getting his way" which is correct as he had his sidekick Squealer who was the
smooth talker who buttered up the other animals. Many people are of the
opinion Napoleon is meant to represent Napoleon Bonaparte who fought in the
French Revolution but later consolidated power for himself and left France in a
similar state to the monarchy they had just overthrown! Some people interpret
Napoleon's character as Joseph Stalin because like Napoleon he was a master of
arranging affairs behind the scenes so no-one would know it was him. Stalin had
a secret police force which is similar to Napoleon who had an army of dogs.
Napoleon gets the dogs to kill his opponents which are akin to Stalin getting the
KGB to murder his rivals.
Snowball is one of the most intelligent pigs on the farm and the author used
these words to describe him, "Snowball was a more vivacious pig than Napoleon,
quicker in speech and more inventive, but was not considered to have the same
depth of character" which from interpretation numerous individuals believe he
meant he didn't have the cunning ideas like Napoleon i.e. have the secret dog
soldiers to carry out his dirty work and he didn't appoint a spokesperson for his
cause. Snowball was lazier than Napoleon in strategy as Napoleon roused his
followers in secret while Snowball was content on letting him. After Snowball was
chased out of Animal Farm by the dogs, and being used as a scapegoat it was all
too easy for the reader to imagine him as a pious, noble pig who was for animal
rights. Snowball wasn't lacking in bad qualities e.g. when the other animals
protest the pigs taking all the milk for their mash, Snowball is united with
Napoleon in claiming that the milk is necessary for their brain as they are so
superior. In other words even though Snowball isn't around when the pigs turn

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Animal Farm into a dictatorship he does agree with pigs being superior similar to
many communist supporters. In the early chapters it seems as though Snowball
has links with Lenin (the leader of the October Revolution in 1917) but it
becomes apparent Snowball is the double for Leon Trotsky (who was second in
command to Lenin during the Revolution).…read more

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In conclusion even though Snowball seemed more noble than Napoleon he
probably would have done the same in his shoes as `power corrupts but absolute
power corrupts absolutely' which applies here as they took over too fast and
established a bigoted hierarchy which wasn't fair to the other needy animals.
Therefore Snowball would most likely do the same in this case as it would seem
good for their own species which was their base desire rather than having a fair
and equal society.…read more


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